Welcome to Sacred Journeys.

I am glad you are here.

To heal ourselves we return to the Earth.

To heal the Earth we return to ourselves. ​

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Do you long to live in a world where:

  • People are awake to the precious nature of themselves, each other, and the Earth?
  • Relationships are built on respect and love?
  • Wisdom, personal courage, and integrity are the guiding forces of leadership?
  • Individuals live in sacred relationship to the Earth?

If these questions awaken hope and desire, you’ve come to the right place.

Our offerings

At Sacred Journeys you will find nature encounters, resources for self-discovery and healing, and methods to grow your awareness of a sacred human-Earth connection.

  • Some of offerings will cultivate inner peace and greater contentment giving you roots for personal healing and positive action. 
  • Some offerings will guide you into the process of self-discovery to grow your strength and prune the branches that do not serve you. 
  • Some offerings are meant to challenge your deeper self and ask you to participate in radical change, healing, and personal transformation, blossoming in a canopy that connects the preciousness within you and all that is. 

Healing the human heart, mind, and Spirit through connection with the Earth results in vibrant humans and a vibrant Earth. I invite you to move toward personal and planetary healing, and welcome your call.

To heal ourselves we return to the Earth.

To heal the Earth we return to ourselves. 

Too many of us are living in the arms of desperation. Without meaning to do so we perceive ourselves and the world through the distorted lens of toxic messages, generational burdens, and unhealed wounds. At the same time, our planet is in the midst of climate breakdown.

These things are connected. 

Humans were created through an evolutionary dance with the Earth. As such every aspect of our health resonates with nature. In the last 100 years, however, we have become more and more distant from our nature within as well as the nature without.  It is time we transcend our known ways of being in order to heal ourselves and rediscover both our own sacred nature and the sacredness of our Planet.

Using the ancient wisdom of nature and modern psychology I help people connect deeply to the Earth and themselves for personal growth and healing. In doing so I know that the conversations people have within themselves, with others, and with the Earth will be transformed.