Come and experience the healing power of profound nature-connection

Can you allow yourself a weekend of nature immersion, rewilding, community, and deep reflection? Join like-minded individuals who are seeking personal healing and soul work. Deepen your connection to yourself and the Earth.

Through a combination of nature immersion activities, mindfulness, self-reflection practices, and ceremony, Lisa leads you on journeys of uncovering, self-reflection, and connection.

At these retreats a space for healing and transformation is created while you experience:

  • guided self-discovery activities that shift your perspective
  • innovative and transformational nature connection practices
  • powerful psychological tools that blend with Earth-based wisdom
  • meaningful ritual and ceremony that opens you to possibility and grounds you in a new awareness
  • support for your personal sacred journey

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Nature retreats in Missouri

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Tap into your own innate wisdom and the healing power of nature, and leave with connections that last a lifetime

All retreats run from Friday evening to Sunday mid-day and are held on 30 acres of private land in the Arcadia Valley of Missouri. Most people prefer to tent camp on the grounds of Sacred Journeys (included in the cost of the programs). There are also electric campsites within 5 minutes of the property (for a fee) and a hotel and B n B in the area.

Cost: $160.00

Specific focuses of the Wellness Retreat

The specific focus of the Wellness Retreat varies and includes:

The Healing Power of Nature-Connection: Learn what “rewilding” is all about, and spend time deepening your connection to the Earth and yourself through guided and self-led rewilding activities. Re-affirm and explore your relationship with nature.

Tending to Your Inner Wilderness: leading ourselves with love and care is one of the most essential parts of healing and growth. Learn how to befriend your inner critics, and grow to appreciate all aspects of yourself through innovative transformational activities with nature connection.

Internal Family Systems Gone Wild: IFS is one of the leading therapy models for those who struggle with trauma. Learn the IFS model of healing and start to use nature connection in combination with IFS for your journey of uncovering, self-reflection, and healing.

Trail of Life: What have you survived and celebrated on your trail of life so far? How has that
shaped you? Where do you go from here? Given all that you have been through, what do you now tell yourself about yourself? What is ready to be released, and what lessons need to be kept? Open to new perspectives and ways of speaking and listening to the wilderness as you share your human story with the Earth and other humans.

Medicine Walk: a Medicine Walk is a day-long ceremony of intention regarding personal purpose and direction. Often used as preparation for a Wilderness Quest, a Medicine Walk can also assist in understanding a specific life challenge or to continue exploring and discovering aspects of yourself. The preparation is done in the community, the walk is completed as a solo individual, and you return to the community to have your story “caught” and reflected by others.

Self-Reflection Weekend: are you ready to pause the chatter of daily life and allow yourself space and time to deepen into yourself and the Earth? What would it mean to you to be able to immerse yourself in nature, sit quietly by a running stream, wander into the woods, gaze from a hilltop, watch the clouds, and listen to squirrels rustling in the undergrowth? Come and spend time in a pleasant community and in communion with nature. Sit by the fire and share a song, your thoughts, or the day’s discovery. Let us know what the tree told you, or what you discovered in an acorn-we get it. Come. Relax. Reflect. Unwind.

Overview/Schedule for all programs: Check-in and camp set-up is between 5 and 7 pm., Friday evening (there are no dinner plans for Friday evening-please see below). Introductions and orientation begins at 7:00. We then open our ceremony around the fire and begin to deepen into ourselves by sharing our intention, and listening to others with an open heart. After an initial sharing we continue to prepare our mind and heart through poetry, music, reflection, and silence. When the time is right we break for sleep. The morning begins with breakfast at 8 am, and our program begins around 9 and runs until about 5. Dinner in the evening is self-made personal pizza (please see below), and we return to the fire in the community as the evening darkens to share the company of others, and our day’s journey.

Camping: We will all camp in the same general area. The camping site is within an easy walk to the parking area and is much like a non-electric public camping site. You are welcome to camp in your own tent, under a personal tarp, in the open air, or in your hammock (please bring webbing set-up for a hammock, not rope). Participants will need to bring their own camping supplies (tent or tarp, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, etc.). A recommended list of camping supplies will be given to you, and a small number of camping supplies are available to rent. There is no indoor space, therefore, it is recommended that you bring whatever you need in the event of rain.

Meals: You are responsible for your own dinner on Friday evening,* Sat. lunch, your personal pizza toppings (see below), and snacks. The program ends prior to lunch on Sunday. Drinking water is provided for you via camping coolers throughout the event but bring your own water bottle. A cooler and ice will be available for you to store your lunch, personal pizza toppings, and perishable snacks.

On Saturday evening we will make individual pizzas created for you by you and made in a wood-fired pizza oven. Pizza crust, grated cheese (dairy), and sauce will be provided, but you will need to bring your own toppings. Each morning a simple breakfast will be provided which includes: coffee and tea, fruit, instant oatmeal, a selection of cold cereal, 2% cow milk, unsweetened almond milk, bread, and
nut butters.

You will need to bring your own plate, bowl, cup, and utensils, as well as any additional or optional food items you want, including snacks.

Washing up items (soap, container, water, rinse water) are provided, but you are responsible for washing your own items.

*There are restaurants in Potosi, Caledonia, and Ironton if you are looking for places to eat on your way to the Sacred Journeys property. Please plan to stay on the property once you have arrived, and not break for meals in the surrounding area.

Expectations and frequently asked questions

Attendance: Participants must be 18 or older. This is an overnight camping experience in what is essentially a backcountry forest, on land that has it’s boundary with the Mark Twain National Forest, and attending the orientation on Friday evening regarding the land and safety is mandatory. Participants are asked to attend the whole program, including arriving no later than 7 pm on Friday evening and staying until our closing circle is completed, which is approximately noon on Sunday. Please plan on arriving in time to have your camp set up completely before the orientation, which begins at 7:00 pm Friday evening. Anyone arriving after orientation is not guaranteed participation, and may not receive a refund. Participants are expected to stay with the group during all group-designated times and to stay within the physical location outlined by the guide during solo and camping times.

Location: The exact location of the event will be given to you after the acceptance of your application. Sacred Journeys is held on private land in the Arcadia Valley of Missouri, about a 2-hour drive from St. Louis.

Terrain: The property is 30 acres of forest, surrounded by undeveloped land. The terrain is varied between flat and hilly. The property has a small spring-fed creek that runs year-round and has both wooded and open areas. The highest point of the property is less than 400 feet below the highest point in the State and provides a good view of the surrounding hills and Ozark mountains.

Screening: Sacred Journeys-Earthworks, LLC, and Lisa Dahlgren reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who does not fit within the safety standards necessary for this event. This includes being free of consciousness-altering substances while you attend the program. You may be asked to complete a medical form for safety reasons. That form will be destroyed or can be returned to you at the end of the program.

Safety: Safety is the responsibility of the individual participant, and risk is consistent with any backwoods camping experience. All participants will be required to sign a liability waiver, and are expected to inform the guide of any difficulties. Risk and risk management will be reviewed in your acceptance packet, and is available for review prior to your application. We will practice Bear-aware basics, which include having no food or snacks, wrappers, or scented items around the sleeping area. Basic safety while being in the forest and while camping will be reviewed at the orientation.

Restrooms: There is a primitive restroom on site which consists of a rudimentary composting toilet. Toilet paper, a hand-washing station, and hand sanitizer are provided.

Water and electricity: There is no running water or electricity on site. Drinking water will be available throughout the duration of the event via a portable camping cooler.

Technology: Cell phone coverage is extremely limited to non-existent both on the property and in the surrounding area. Additionally, participants are encouraged to disengage from technology for the duration of the program.

Covid: Please do not attend if you have tested positive for Covid in the week prior to the event, are living with someone who has tested positive for Covid in the week prior to the event, or if you are feeling unwell. Maintaining physical Covid distance and masking is optional and the personal choice of these options is supported. During times of high Covid, a group discussion regarding personal choices will be included in the orientation. It is the responsibility of each participant to assertively make their needs/wishes known about their decision for physical distancing, and it is the responsibility of each participant to comply with the stated wishes of other participants regarding distancing.

Clothing/equipment/items to bring: A list of suggested clothing, equipment, and items to bring with you will be given to you in your acceptance packet. The list is consistent with backwoods overnight camping.

Parking: Parking is free and on-site, and is a mixture of gravel and dirt.

Fill out the contact form below with any questions or to sign up for the program