Our vision

Sacred Journeys believes in the following interlocking principles:

We are nature

Humans are the result of an evolutionary dance with the planet. We are an expression of the living Earth because we are created from Earth. Humans are walking, talking, thinking, creating expressions of the Earth Herself.

Human bodies were made to move in nature. Human senses grew from the need to be attuned to the Earth and to our place in the web of life. Human psychology arose from the challenges of living in nature. All of this means that we fit perfectly with nature and that we function in cycles, rhythms, ebb, and flow, as well as through awe and mystery.

We have become disconnected from nature

As a species, we no longer turn toward the Earth. Instead, our gaze has turned primarily to other humans, which then allows us to only perceive ourselves through that mirror-a mirror that is often fractured. As we turn away from the Earth, again and again, we become more and more fractured resulting in an endless cycle of brokenness. Until we recognize and restore our true connection to nature, our attempts to heal will be incomplete, leading to further disillusionment and further distance from our true selves.

How we feel about ourselves is correlated with how we treat the Earth

 The way a person thinks, feels, and treats themselves is correlated with how they think, feel, and treat everything else, including the Earth. If we do not feel connected to ourselves, we will live our life, touch others’ lives, and unfold our society in a manner consistent with not understanding that all things are connected. If we can not conceive of ourselves as sacred, it is very difficult if not impossible to live into the sacredness of something else, including the Earth.

The Earth provides us with natural healing

From the physically calming essential oils produced by trees, called “phytocides”, to help us become embodied beings by awakening our senses, to instilling a renewed sense of oneness and mystery, to opening the ocean of our own creativity, the Earth provides us with natural healing.

Modern psychological tools and techniques, particularly those that work in the interconnection of mind-body-spirit, are believed to have been “discovered” by leaders in the field. Most of these techniques, however, can actually be traced back to our nature connection. From mindfulness to somatic work, to Internal Family Systems therapy, these therapy modalities are all reflections of what occurs when we return to nature for our healing and growth

Your life is a sacred journey

As we feel healed, whole and complete, some things shift inside us and we have the opportunity to understand that our life is a Sacred Journey. In that shift we begin to make conscious, mindful, choices about who we are, what is really leading us, and how we treat ourselves, others, and the Earth. It is within our understanding of our life as a sacred journey that we can restore the Earth-Human bond.