The four choices

When we choose to believe our life is a sacred journey we are choosing to live in awareness, authentic relationship, deep nature connection, and genuine self-expression. As that occurs the flow of energy within us, and between us and the natural world shifts back into its original state, which is one of synchronicity, reverence, and awe.

I invite you to consider the choices outlined below as opportunities. Please explore them with an open and curious heart and mind, and in a state of understanding of what becomes possible for you and the world when you awaken to yourself.

“I choose to believe in myself as the precious individual that I am.”

By making this choice I am relinquishing inaccurate and toxic self-judgment and shame. I am engaged in the process of self-compassion and self-forgiveness. I honor and accept all parts of me, even those parts that have lived in shadow or have been exiled. I have come to accept and face whatever pain and suffering I have endured, and know my history is not my identity. I open to my senses and allow myself to be connected with my body. I know myself to be made of and by the Earth. I treat my body, my mind, and the essential nature of myself with kindness, and insist that others treat me with kindness as well.

“I choose to live in courageous love and compassion for others, and for the Earth.”

By making this choice I am acknowledging the role of humility, balance, and courage in my life. I face truth and honestly accept reality such as climate change and the realities of my personal journey. I know my journey as distinct from the journey of others, and understand we are all equally close to the flame of creation. I understand my power and so consider the impact my choices have on others and the Earth. I seek balance and harmony. I know my values and am willing to stand in them. I respond with awareness and gratitude.

“I choose to embrace and bring forward my personal gifts through taking action in my community.”

By making this choice I understand I am an integral and valuable member of my community. I am awake to the connection between my own innate wisdom and the greater intelligence of nature. I choose to unlock the cultural, historical, and personal blocks to my own sense of worthiness.  I lead through deep and authentic wisdom and through the support of others. I hold something greater than myself as my beacon for taking action. 

“I choose to empower others.”

By making this choice I connect to the lineage of humanity. I see myself as both being held and holding a place in that lineage. I honor those who have gone before me, myself, and those who have yet to come. I understand skills, knowledge, and wealth as things that flow through me. I am in touch with the knowledge that my physical life is impermanent, and that my most enduring role is that of an ancestor.