Stewards of Peace

This is a women’s empowerment and transformational group, from a Spiritual Eco-psychological perspective. It is a six-month program and includes an optional day-long “Wisdom Walk” in a setting of your choosing.

We meet online twice a month in our group for 90 minutes each time. In addition to information, experiential exercises during our meetings, and group support, each month a packet is provided with questions and resources to review. Each member chooses the questions and resources that she is called to explore, and comes to the group meeting prepared to share her experiences and personal growth.

Phases of this program:

Months 1-2: We begin with information and tools that assist with nature-connected emotional regulation, establishing healthy rituals, writing your purpose and making a commitment to your work, learning how to “catch” the story of others and ourselves, the importance of our personal narrative, and the neuropsychological underpinnings of emotional regulation and transformation.

Months 3-4: Next, we start to delve even deeper into ourselves. In this phase, there is education around rewilding Internal Family Systems therapy part-work, as well as meditations for healing. Here we are connecting more deeply with ourselves, developing an “Elder” counsel, and increasing our knowledge of personal rituals for healing and change. We also explore the process of Severance, and make preparations for the “Wisdom Walk”

Months 5-6: In these months you will complete your preparations for the “Wisdom Walk”, and engage in the walk. Our group focuses on what it means to be in Threshold, as we catch one another’s story, and begin to weave our own new story. Where do we go from here?

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