Peer Quest

What I am offering here is by special invitation only. Please do not share it with your friends before you talk to me. 

In a nutshell:

I am hoping to bring together a unique group of people to come together and participate in a wilderness quest, with no questing fees. I am sending this to you because I have enjoyed our connection, and feel that you are someone that values personal growth. I also believe that you share with me the knowledge that giving our personal gifts and talents, our work, and our sacrifices to our community, is something to be valued. What I am offering is meant as a gift to you and in honor of those characteristics which you offer the world. If you choose to participate, it feels like a gift to me. I hope that you will consider participating in this offering. 

Thank you, 


Few feel called to participate in a fasting wilderness quest. Fewer still answer that call. You are one of a small group of people who have undertaken this rite of passage. At some point in your life, you stopped and listened, and then took the leap of faith that by bringing yourself out of time, your typical space, and the barriers around your own mind, you would be better able to listen with clarity and wisdom. It wasn’t easy. Only you know what you faced, what you lost, and what you gained. Whether it was within this past year, or decades ago, you know how special your time on the land really was, and wherein your heart you keep it.

My vision and mission

I believe that anyone who undertakes a fasting wilderness quest should be deeply honored. Even if you feel you participated in a fasting wilderness quest only for your own healing, I believe you went to the mountain for the good of all people. In my way of looking at it, we must, after all, heal that which is within us before we can heal that which is without. 

My mission is to offer support for those who participate in their spiritual and personal growth through fasting wilderness quests. I have been on multiple fasting wilderness quests. Until 2019 I always did them alone, and out of the community. In 2019, and again in 2021 I was able to participate in what feels to me to be a sacred ceremony in the company of others; as a loosely held community. Those experiences highlighted for me how helpful and wonderful it is being in the community while participating in the fasting wilderness quest.

For me, it is a yearly pilgrimage to go to the wilderness, alone, and be as close to the earth as I can. The logistics can be difficult. All sorts of things need to be worked out on that end. There is a multitude of questions. Where can I go that offers beauty and solitude? Do I need and how do I get a permit if I am on public land? Where can I leave my car for multiple days in a row? How do I manage a safety system but stay in seclusion? Even, where is the nearest emergency room and how could I get there if I am by myself (yes, I am thinking of my snake bite quest of 2020 when I mention that concern)?

In addition, although I greatly appreciate the professional quest guiding companies, and truly have enjoyed meeting others who, for the most part, are undertaking their first quest, it is, quite frankly, an expensive undertaking. Between you and me, I also feel I am already firmly connected to Spirit and myself and there are parts of me that want to share a quest with those who have quested at least once before and are able to relate to the goals, intentions, and methods that have grown through a previous quest experience.

If any of what I am saying also rings true for you, let me tell you what I propose.

I propose:

I am offering to provide the infrastructure of this quest. I know of a wonderful wilderness spot for us, and I am acquainted with the surrounding area. I can bring items needed for our time immediately before and after the quest. I can arrange transportation from the airport to our site(s), and be responsible for logistics. I would like to be the one that holds the fire while the group is out, maintaining the container and safeguarding as much as possible your solitude.

The only costs you would have are your transportation to St. Louis, your food for before and after quest, and your gear.

You would come with your current intention, and in the capacity as an Elder, no matter your age. As peers and like-minded individuals, we will support one another’s intention, severance, threshold, and initial incorporation. We will come into the circle knowing that our own Self-guidance and the relationships we have nurtured with Spirit-in whatever form this is for us, will hold and sustain us, while we also offer ourselves to the group and receive from the group in mutual respect.

Dates: I am looking toward the end of Sept. Right now there is flexibility and my hope is that the dates would be chosen to reflect who is attending and their needs, as well as possible. I would be working toward an 8 or 9-day experience so that we can meet, come together as a group, have three or four days and nights in solo fasting time, come back together and share. And have all that happen in a relaxed, non-hurried, manner. I realize that is a significant amount of time, and to meet the needs of the group the time frame can be adjusted.

Location: Our questing site is in the Missouri Ozarks. I feel the Missouri Ozarks are an often forgotten and overlooked pocket of beauty and settled majesty in the central region of the nation. There, deep in the ancient mountains, I have found a tract of privately-held, public-available, land with over 60,000 acres of heavily timbered, very lightly trafficked, wilderness. Limestone bluffs alternate with rolling hills, crisscrossed by small streams and “hollers”. The Ozarks are not as grand as the vistas of Colorado, nor as vast as the horizons of Utah. But this hardwood forest has always called to me in the manner of offering a sense of nesting and being held. To me, the Missouri Ozarks feel enduring and timeless. I personally have experienced their sense of ancient wisdom and quiet peace, where the work of my soul has thrived.

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