Nature Supported: Cultivating a Strong Emotional Core

To grow your emotional core (or tree trunk in our analogy), our Nature Supported offerings harness the power of your personal intentions and rituals that support growth and change within nature.  Here you will be given the opportunity to explore your specific challenges and bring new awareness and resources to whatever is holding you back.  Personal work is done in a supportive group setting.  Each offering includes a psycho-educational component as it is tied into Earth Work, as well as an experiential component.  Nature Supported work is built on principles from Internal Family Systems, Emotion Focused therapy and Eco-therapy.  

Time Commitment: Medium

Format: Full-day or overnight experiences on undeveloped land within 2 hours of St. Louis, MO, or a series of online shorter sessions with the expectation of taking personal time on the land of your choosing between sessions.  In the case of water experiences, we partner with rental businesses for canoe and kayak availability.

Physical Activity: Moderate to Moderately High when on undeveloped land, low to moderate when using the land of your choice.

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