Nature Mind

What if you could tune out what doesn’t help you and tune it to what does, at a moment’s notice? What would it mean to you to be able to easily and quickly slip into a state of deep calm and peace? How would it change your life if you knew that you could connect to your inner core even during times of emotional turmoil?

All of that is possible when we allow ourselves to be in “Nature Mind”

Nature Mind is being attuned to nature-which is really being turned toward and tuned into nature. You see, most of us are primarily attuned to other humans-and these other humans are often beset with difficulties and distortions. Since we are also beset with our own difficulties and distortions, attuning ourselves to other humans merely amplifies that which we are already having difficulty managing!

Turning on our Nature Mind cuts through all that and allows the relentless brain chatter of human-to-human attunement to fade into the background. 

So, how do we get into Nature Mind?

Here is the best thing about Nature Mind: It is already there! You already have access to Nature Mind 24/7. Your ability to tune toward and tune into nature is hard-wired into your brain. It has been passed down to you through your ancestors across thousands and thousands of years.

Your only task is to make the choice to let Nature Mind emerge.

Here is the way to do that:

  1. Realize you are not in Nature Mind.
  2. Pause and take a breath.
  3. Softly focus your sight, hearing, and sensation on the non-human things that are surrounding you.

That’s it!

Immediately, the push of human attunement starts to fade into the background, becoming quieter, and more distant.

Try it, and let me know what that experience is like for you.