Nature Connected: Deepening Your Roots

To provide a foundation for your growth and healing, Nature Connected offerings introduce you to ways of being in nature that support your nervous system and reduce anxiety, depression, and stress.  In these offerings, you will lean into the peaceful aspects of nature as you connect more deeply with the Earth, and learn the basics of rewilding, Earth Works, and the importance of ritual.  These offerings are built on the same principles as found in techniques from the psychology of Mindfulness, Polyvagal theory, Somatic Experiencing, and Energy Psychology.  When you enroll in one of these offerings, you can expect to learn specific techniques that you can use immediately both during and after taking these offerings.  

Time Commitment: Low

Format: Small group half-day retreats on the land close to St. Louis, MO, online workshops, topic-specific introductory discussion.

Physical Activity: Low to Moderate

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