Quiz: How deep is your connection to nature?

What would it mean to you to be deeply connected with nature? How would it feel for you to know you have a relationship with the natural world that reflected mutual respect and healing? What if this connection could bring you greater clarity, increased peacefulness, and sense of purpose? What if, by deepening your relationship with nature, you contributed to your personal healing and the global consciousness necessary for restoring the Earth?

How deep is your connection to nature?

Here is a short quiz to help you determine your current connection with nature. Read on after the quiz
to find out what steps are best for you to take to deepen your relationship with nature.

1 / 10

I currently spend time with nature:

2 / 10

When I am in nature I spend my time:

3 / 10

My living space is furnished primarily with:

4 / 10

I have knowledge of:

5 / 10

I believe:

6 / 10

My feelings toward being in nature when I am getting ready to spend time in nature are

7 / 10

I like to talk:

8 / 10

When I recall the history of my nation I:

9 / 10

When I am honest (not idealistic) about my relationship with myself I mostly:

10 / 10

When I am honest (not idealistic) about what I am most looking for in my personal relationships
it is:

Embark on your journey

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