Death Lodge — Transformational Forgiveness

Learn to forgive and heal with Dr. Lisa Dahlgren and Sacred JourneysThis is a two day, one night nature immersion that is for people who are wanting to understand how to forgive. This forgiveness may be felt as forgiving oneself and/or forgiving another person.

We will begin with anchoring ourself with the Earth through conscious and mindful nature connection, while we create a sacred container with each other. Then, we will explore aspects of forgiveness; what it is and is not, benefits of forgiveness, and what makes it so hard. We will identify the variety of other emotions that play a part in both holding on to non-forgiveness, and engaging in forgiveness. Using a wild version of Internal Family System-a therapeutic approach to emotional healing, trauma work, and soul awareness- we will have experiential work in understanding our personal struggle with forgiveness. 

As the afternoon turns to the evening, we will create a ceremonial fire, and explore “Death Lodge” as a forgiveness ritual and ceremony. Dream time may call up the complicated and sometimes swirling forces of forgiveness, or perhaps it will bring a greater clarity of a future without the burden of specific hurts.

On the second day we will focus on our own personal Death Lodge, spending a long period of time in solo ceremony. Coming back together again, we will become a circle of Elders for one another, receiving the experience of each others Death Lodge and providing support for the work that has been completed. Before we say goodbye, we take stock of where we are in the process of forgiveness and what our next steps will be.

This nature immersion can be emotionally intense and not all people are ready to engage at this level. You are expected to be able to self-resource as you are learn additional ways for calming and accepting a variety of emotions. You will be asked to contemplate your own natural death and how the knowledge that we die impacts how we live.

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