Church of the Wild

Sacred Journey is facilitating a church of the wild Sacred Journeys is now facilitating a Church of the Wild, in St. Louis, MO.

“Wild Church is a movement of people who are taking seriously the call from spirit and from Earth to restore a dangerous fissure. Spirituality and nature are not separate.” – Victoria Luna Loorz

Are the roots of your spirituality deeply connected to nature? Do you experience a meaningful connection with the Great Mystery, or one of the many other names of God, through conversation with the creatures and places found outside? Is nature where you find your authentic self? Do you long for a deeper connection in your relationship to the Earth?

Church of the Wild connects our own sacredness with the sacredness of all that is, through tending of mindful and profound contact with nature.

Sacred Journeys Church of the Wild, St. Louis, is mentored by the greater Wild Church Network, and is a part of a larger movement of people around the world. These individuals are taking seriously the call from Spirit and from Earth to radically shift those relationships back to their original, sacred, kinship. We are a local community of eco-spiritual individuals, coming together to celebrate, honor, and participate in the beloved and intricate web beyond our species. We have common roots in seeking kind relationship with each other, with the more-than-human-Others, with the Sacred Presence, and with our own souls. We are non-denominational and welcome those from any or no faith tradition. We also value and support the uniqueness of each individual and their own experience of eco-spirituality.

Services are a time of purposefully being within the grand design, of returning to our deepest selves and participating in intimate conversation-whether spoken aloud or in silence-with the soul of the world. Services are facilitated by Lisa Dahlgren, psychologist, and Transformational Wilderness guide.

At present we meet at Castlewood State Park, 1401 Kiefer Road, Ballwin, MO. At the main parking lot adjacent to the creek (not the Meremec River). Look for the “Sacred Journeys Church of the Wild” sign. For directions or questions about Castlewood State Park, go to: . For other questions, contact Lisa Dahlgren at 636-394-6210. We look forward to meeting you.

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