Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Trauma, And Your Senses

Anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, and your senses Our sense awareness is vitally important for our emotional health and our well-being. That’s because our mood is affected by what we take in through our senses. When we are in a state of depression, anxiety, stress, or trauma, we are cut off from our senses. (Read more […]

Help Reduce Your Anxiety

Help reduce your anxiety It is normal for everyone to experience anxiety from time to time. Anxiety can be a tool to allow us to stay alert and make quick responses in difficult situations. However, when anxiety begins to take over your life and your daily function, it may be time to seek help. Nature-connected […]

What is Nature-Connected Coaching?

What is the nature in Nature-Connected transformational life coaching?  Although most people feel they have a grasp on how therapy and coaching works, bringing nature into our transformation and changes is generally not well understood. From the biology of being around trees and plants, to nature as a mirror of our personal healing and struggles, […]

Finding a New Way: Accept and Adapt

Finding a new way: accept and adapt She came out of the woods and moved down the bank to where the river flowed. Wild and free, the river was roaring with spring run-off and yesterday’s rain, filled with its annual cleanse, unaware and uncaring of what was in its path. Behind her came two babies, […]

Manage Post-Pandemic Anxiety Through Nature

manage post-pandemic anxiety with nature’s help   Amy (a fictional client) started to break down over the phone.  She couldn’t believe how frightened she was now that she had finally gotten a vaccine appointment.  As a single person, diabetic, and severely asthmatic, Amy spent the first six months of the pandemic in strict isolation, knowing […]


Quest Throughout history, awakened individuals have sought solitude and immersion in the wilderness to experience authentic connection with themselves and spirit, to seek personal direction, to mark the passage into their next stage of development, and for healing.  The preparation for that wilderness immersion, the actual solo wilderness time, and the period of incorporation following […]