Cultural Awareness

Cultural awareness Nature Connected ways of finding peace, healing, and going through transition take us to a place that many White, US-ings, are inexperienced.  Even those who regularly go to the woods for recreation, or who enjoy the solitude of nature through backpacking and back-woods camping, usually were not brought up being immersed in nature.  […]


Testimonials “Lisa carries profound wisdom and when she shares her wisdom within council circle it is always right on point.”  – Ben Marchman, CLC, NCC Founder and Director of Nature Link, “Few understand both the inner and outer wilderness with the depth that Lisa does. Her insight and compassion seems woven into her very being.” […]

Lisa Dahlgren, PhD, NCC

About Lisa Dahlgren, Ph.D., NCC Lisa Dahlgren is a transformational psychologist, nature-connected guide, and thought leader. She is the founder of Sacred Journeys and the program Stewards of Peace. Previously, she served her community of St. Louis in private practice and has worked at multiple mental health hospitals and clinics. In 1989 Lisa founded and […]